In agreement with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).
We often almost immediately make response to privacy infringement notices and do the needful by acting appropriately in line with the guidelines of Digital Millennium Copyright Act “DMCA” as well as other intellectual law guiding ones material.

In an event that your intellectual material has been published on or links of your copyrighted property is linked to us through our search engines and you need this property taken down from our blog, we would require a drafted letter to us stating the work stated in such section area. also, bear in mind that if their in appear any misrepresentation of information you have stated to be infringing on your intellectual right you will be fined for damages. We advise that you first consult a lawyer for legal advice and help on this issue.

Outlined below are details that must be included claim on Copyright Infringement :

Present proof of the authority responsible to act on behalf of the real owner whose material is being infringed

Present adequate contact information whereby we can reach you for confirmation, preferable a valid email address.

Kindly identify and provide properly information on the alleged infringed material providing the link to the link to which the material appears on search results.

A written statement stating the alleged infringed content is being used in a manner that is unauthorized by the property owner or the guiding law.

Statement must be duly signed and stamped by the authorized company acting on behalf of the owner of the material been allegedly infringed upon.